Christopher’s help in taking my original songs from rough drafts into fully formed musical pieces has been the very best. He is a great listener and has helped to guide me along into finding my musical voice. Chris knows about the creative process and how to bring ideas to fruition. Thanks Chris!!!

Susanna Drogsvold, Boulder , Co.

Working with Christopher from start to finish has been an amazing experience! One of his many great qualities as a human being, musician and web designer is his inherent way of tuning into “you” the artist and tapping in to the very essence of who you are, and who you want to become. As we recorded the music and created the website, there was this natural flow between us of listening to each other’s ideas, giving me homework to propel me forward in my thinking, and then reuniting to put the ideas together. He is also a master at mixing the music and getting it “right” down to the finest detail, so the final product is of the highest quality. Christopher was always very responsive to me by email or phone if I had a question about the steps we were taking, and was also very thoughtful and kind in his direction. He is extremely good at viewing things from a 360 degree perspective, which enables the process to be very broad and fully encompassing. He helped me think “outside of the box,” and expanded my viewpoint on many things throughout this creative experience. Overall, working with Christopher was truly and honor and a gift and I plan on continuing to grow as an artist with his guidance and direction.

Visit Lisa`s site to see a video created by Lisa and Christopher

Lisa Bruner, Longmont Co.

Lisa Bruner Music